Homemade Comfort Food on Wheels

Cathy Brown's homemade comfort food has hit the streets with the launch of the Heritage House Food Truck. Now you can enjoy some of Cathy's best recipes from the last thirty years on the street, at your special occasion, or at some of the biggest events in the country.

The truck is spectacular, with the public unveiling July 10 at Viva la Noche in Ajax. The truck is also at Boots and Hearts, Taste of Ajax, the Pan Am Games, Mike Weir Winery Food Truck Eats, Havelock Country Jamboree and various culinary events throughout the Golden Horseshoe.

The Heritage House Food Truck kitchen is unparalleled - triple sink, double stacking convection ovens, double fryer, double retail cooler, double burners, 24" grill and every inch stainless steel. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and incentives.

Contact us to have the Heritage House Food Truck at your large community event, or to show up for lunch at your business, late night snack at your wedding, garden party, anniversary, baby shower or special occasion. Minimum numbers apply.

Keep a lookout for the black and pink truck!!!

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